Employee Spotlight: Anna Volpe

Anna Volpe

As creative manager for MaxWave3D, Anna Volpe looks forward to showing up to work every day and working closely with the production team doing what she loves: making magic happen through the art of design.

Having only just joined the company in 2023, Anna has already found her niche in the business, using her natural artistic talents and educational background in visual effects to hit the ground running. Was it hard work and determination that brought her to this moment or was it something more romantic? Destiny, perhaps?

Falling in Love With Visual Effects

For Anna, it was love at first sight. Her college career in digital animation and visual effects stoked her passion for media and led her down the road toward 3D animation. After graduation, it didn’t take her very long to decide on a career path.

Fresh out of college, she began working for a production company and stepped right into a role that she describes as, “designed just for her,” as a CG artist. She enjoyed every single day that she was there, serving as a liaison between the artists and the art directors until a new opportunity presented itself at the start of 2023.

Living the Dream with MaxWave3D

It must have been destiny that led Anna Volpe to MaxWave3D. When asked what she loves most about her new job, Anna replied, “It doesn’t feel like I’m waking up every day to go to work. I’ve always been creative and I consider myself a people-person, so getting to work with visual designs and helping people is my favorite part.” 

Anna spends every day mixing her personal love of art with professional skill: Communicating with clients and gathering all the necessary information to bring the client’s vision to life with 3D architectural animations. When working on projects, Anna spends a lot of time transferring feedback and information from the client to her production team, making sure every step of the project is coming together smoothly and accurately. 

Bringing the Vision to Life Behind the Scenes

While Anna enjoys helping clients bring their vision to life with photorealistic visualizations and 3D architectural animations, she also enjoys making short animated films and attending indie film festivals. When she’s not hard at work, Anna is working hard on recruiting family members to star in the short films she and her husband like to produce for fun.

When asked what she sees for the future, Anna says, “Making films is just a hobby, but with MaxWave3D I see expansion. We offer so many services that I think we’ll be able to enhance those services and offer more in the future. And I can see myself contributing to that growth and expansion with my design and managerial experience.”
To learn more about Anna Volpe and MaxWave3D, contact the company to schedule a consultation.

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