How Animated Renderings Helped Blackberry Ridge Increase Bookings By 75%


Steve Shaffer had a vision for his wedding and event space, but it wasn’t until MaxWave3D helped him market his design with animated renderings that his sales were able to take off, securing 190 weddings for the year 2023.

Shaffer knew he needed a way to show off his forthcoming wedding and event space to prospective couples. He searched online and spoke with a few animated renderings companies, but said many dismissed his dream.

“I spoke over the phone with Chris Powers, CEO of MaxWave3D. He saw my vision right away,” Shaffer says. “I spoke to a few companies while in the process and he seemed like the only one willing to help.” 

Powers drove 121 miles from Marietta, Georgia, to meet with Shaffer at Blackberry Ridge in Trenton, Georgia, to look at the property and understand Shaffer’s needs. 

“Most projects have architects, and everything is more clean-cut,” says Shaffer, who designed the venue. “I’m not an architect by trade. He was willing to work with limited information – my ideas – and bring them to life. He just understood what we were trying to do. That was huge because he gave me the confidence that he knew what we wanted, and we could go from there.”


MaxWave3D created animated renderings of the interior and exterior to be used on the venue’s website and social media.  “In the video, the property is the actual property itself, and they superimposed the completed building onto the property,” Shaffer says. The proposed building was rendered in the video according to Shaffer’s plans. “I was excited when I saw the video. It looked good, very similar to how it really looks.”

Shaffer said he appreciated MaxWave3D’s ability to adjust to his lack of architectural expertise and create animated renderings that showcased his vision.


Shaffer was not the only one who enjoyed the animated renderings. Couples fell in love all over again, rushing to book a date at Blackberry Ridge. 

“It was tremendous,” Shaffer says. “It was a big deal for us because our prospective couples could see the venue and figure out what we would have to offer.”

Shaffer estimates that the animated renderings helped him increase bookings by 75 percent. When Blackberry Ridge opened its doors in August 2022, it had eight to 10 weddings scheduled each month. “The video was a big deal because not too many could see the vision, but with the animated rendering, people could see what we were actually building,” he said.

Blackberry Ridge 3D Animation

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