Case Study: The Edge

Property developers at The Edge, a luxury condominium complex in Sarasota, Florida, were ready for buyers, but they needed help giving the development that “wow” factor. 

The Problem:

The Edge’s developer was having difficulty selling the ocean-view properties because of construction that was obstructing the view.  They approached MaxWave3D for help creating marketing materials and virtual tours for their website, social media and real estate agents.

The Solution:

MaxWave3D created a package compiling 3D renderings showing the views from an apartment, balcony and clubhouse. They included interiors of The Edge and aerial videography and entry visuals.

The suite of visuals for the developer included colored floor plans that were branded to coincide with other marketing tools for The Edge. MaxWave3D also produced a social media video with all of the contextual information a real estate agent would want to show a prospective resident.


With the 3D video and other marketing tools, the client was able to secure residents who were on the fence until they saw the virtual tour. MaxWave3D superimposed a finished look of the building that was under construction. With the unobstructed view, buyers jumped at the new condo offerings.

The property also uses the renderings that were created on its website and in marketing videos. 

Throughout the construction and pre-sales process, the floor plans have been instrumental in The Edge’s brochure and website. “The difference is most developers don’t have the time to brand and coordinate the look of information to match their marketing like we were able to,” said Christopher Powers, CEO of MaxWave3D. “Most floor plans in brochures are black and white, and we were able to provide color and details that you don’t normally see in this type of floor plan.”

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If you are looking to increase your condominiums or penthouse sales or are looking for a visual to help increase attention on your property, contact MaxWave3D today. MaxWave3D’s award-winning studio creates stunning images for developments looking to have an advantage over their competition and succeed with presales, pre-leasing and ongoing marketing campaigns.

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