Case Study: Hotel Room Renderings with Noble Investment Group

Hotel room renderings of a guest room entryway sat on the corner of Kevin Grass’s desk for months. Grass, the managing principal at Noble Investment Group, a national real estate investment firm that owns Hyatt, Marriott, Hilton and Intercontinental Hotel Group hotels, said he looked at the renderings often enough to have them memorized. 

“We had a 3D rendering of the guest room, where you enter, which was designed to be a dark blue ceiling and wall,” Grass recalled. The property was well underway with construction, and a contractor had started painting. The design team and Grass were on site. “We thought it looked pretty good.” Then all of a sudden, it hit Grass: The walls were not dark enough. He didn’t think the paint color was right. Apparently, somewhere along the way from design to interior finishing, the incorrect paint color had been given to the painters. 

“The contractor was using the color we specified, but it wasn’t the color we wanted,” Grass said. “Because I was so familiar with the rendering, it jumped out at me and we corrected it.”

The rendering from Noble Investment Group’s long-time partner, MaxWave3D had helped him realize an issue before it created a major headache to fix.

With a large paint crew already working, the issue could have compounded fast,  Grass said. “Eventually, we would have figured it out, but this helped us save time and paint.”

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Everyone On the Same Page

Getting all stakeholders in line on projects is another benefit of 3D photorealistic renderings for the hospitality company. It’s simply not possible to remember all the details of every project Grass has in the works.

Now, he asks the contractors to hang the renderings for his hotels on their walls to allow them to be as familiar as possible with what they are being asked to replicate.

Noble Investment Group has used MaxWave3D for close to 20 hotel renderings. They also look to the MaxWave3D experts to create 3D animated tours of their developments and hotel renovations as well.

The visualizations are integral to Noble Investment Group’s development funding and sales process, both internally and externally. “It’s important for our team to understand what we are going to be providing,” Grass said. “They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, but to me, a rendering is worth 1,000 sheets of drawings in my world. I can show them drawings or blueprints all day long, but when I show them a rendering they go ‘Ahhh, I understand now.”

noble investment group hotel renderings

Hotel Room Renderings and Visual Assets Bring Clarity 

Noble Investment Group taps MaxWave3D for visual assets as often as possible because they know MaxWave3D cares about their company and has never missed a deadline. “They’ve always come through, that’s what’s important. They jump through hoops to get what we need when we need it,” Grass said.

He added that if the MaxWave3D team is unable to figure out how to render an image — where a light fixture will be or what a wall will look like — it also means there’s not enough information for a contractor to understand. 

“If the renderer can’t figure it out, the contractor won’t figure it out,” Grass said. “Some of the ways we use this is a way to adjust our design. We use the rendering process as a check on the thoroughness of our design.”

Grass added the technology of renderings creates such life-like visuals, that his completed hotels still use some of MaxWave3D’s visuals on their websites. “People can’t tell the difference between them and real life,” he said.

noble investment group hotel renderings

Take the Noble Investment Group’s Lead 

Discover how high-quality photorealistic renderings and animations could streamline your operations and get everyone on the same page. If you are looking for visual assets to help your fundraising, sales or marketing for an upcoming project, contact the MaxWave3D team. Founded in 2004 on the principle that visualization is a powerful catalyst for positive change, our award-winning studio is recognized for producing some of the highest-quality renderings, animations and interactive technologies on the market.

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