5 Ways a Floor Plan Rendering Plus 3D Images Helps Apartment Renters

Using a floor plan rendering or 3D architectural renderings for apartments has become the backbone of apartment home marketing. These visualizations are an essential component in obtaining the trust of renters and getting prospects to sign a lease. 

3D renderings are exceptionally useful for marketing communities that are under construction. But they will help your lease closure rate no matter what phase of construction your apartment community is in. 

You may be new to 3D renderings and the difference they can make in your apartment marketing. MaxWave3D’s team of experts is here to help.

What Exactly Are 3D Renderings?

3D apartment interior and exterior renderings can bring an apartment to live, as opposed to otherwise static imagery. Through special 3D rendering software, the apartment community is brought to life in incredible detail, including interior staging, exterior amenities and, ultimately, the community’s lifestyle. While renters may be primarily concerned with a floor plan rendering, they do also want a holistic view of the apartment complexes they are considering.

Providing a realistic view of what the finished spaces will look like is especially critical with units that are under construction or renovation. The right 3D renderings can provide an architectural tour of the interior and exterior spaces, including furniture and landscaping, so renters can envision their new life in this community.

Why Do You Need 3D Renderings?

A floor plan rendering, especially one in 3D, provides prospective renters with the confidence they need to sign a lease. Signing a rental lease for a new community is a leap of faith. Expertly created photorealistic images provide jaw-dropping, high-resolution views of their new home and its surroundings.

What Are the 5 Benefits of 3D Renderings?

1. Providing Convenience and Reassurance

The Covid 19 pandemic upended many consumer expectations. If you can provide a virtual way to explore a new space, then most consumers would prefer that over having to take time out of their busy schedule to visit a community. You can plan to cut back on labor-intensive physical showings of apartment units, as well. 3D renderings are convenient, while providing reassurance to prospective tenants. 

Buying or renting a home are both emotional decisions. A floor plan rendering or 3D visuals can help make those decisions easier. 3D renderings provide the opportunity for prospective renters to take virtual tours from anywhere. With a click of a button, the new apartment home is at the prospective tenant’s fingertips.  

As a property manager, you can showcase multiple floor plans or interior design options, with just a few clicks. Prospective tenants can then share these renderings with their friends and family on social media, while reaching a wider audience and generating more leads for your community.

2. Providing Accuracy in Design

3D renderings show the apartment designs more accurately than old fashioned drawings. Renderings provide a photorealistic sense of room sizes, decor and light exposures during different times of the day. Prospective tenants can rest easy that what they see in the renderings is what they will get on move-in day.

3. Increasing Tenant Interest

Floor Plan Rendering Dining Room

Imagine being able to research every angle imaginable in a prospective new home. With 3D virtual tours it’s possible. You can allow would-be tenants to do virtual walkthroughs of every room, as well as outdoor spaces, fitness centers and other spaces to get a feel for the whole community. 

Through 3D renderings and animations, prospective tenants gain a clear idea of what their future home will live and feel like. As a result, their chances of signing a lease increase dramatically.

4. Adding the “Fun Factor” 

Renting a new home can be stressful. With a floor plan rendering for each unit and animated tours, you can reduce that stress by delivering an incredible customer experience. 

In addition to streamlining the renting process, 3D renderings are just fun to use. There is something exciting about virtually exploring a new apartment home and picturing yourself living there. This marketing tool eliminates the fear of not knowing what their future home will live like. Instead, it fuels potential tenants with confidence in their decision to sign a lease and move in. In short, 3D renderings create a visualization for the future. 

5. Fitting the Budget

Floor Plan Rendering Apartment with Patio

Commissioning a suite of 3D photorealistic images can be a cost-effective solution for marketing your apartments across multiple media channels, including your website, social media and review sites. 

By skipping physical models or extravagant physical staging, you can opt for virtual staging instead. With digital furnishings and decor, you can provide prospective tenants with realistic representations of how they will live in the apartment. 

The Floor Plan Rendering and Beyond

Apartment Floor Plan Rendering

Digital renderings also allow you to showcase multiple floor plans without breaking your marketing budget. We encourage you to contact MaxWave3D since we can provide customized solutions to fit your budget. This 3D rendering is not just fancy technology: It’s a smart investment that can pay off big time for your multifamily property. Bring your apartment community to life. 

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