How Photorealistic Renderings Help Your Property Toolkit

Development companies are always looking for the best way to market their properties and drum up excitement  — and close on pre-leasings — especially before development is complete. MaxWave3D has proven photorealistic renderings are perhaps the best asset to coincide with promoting your property before it’s completed.

How Do Photorealistic Renderings Help My Marketing Campaigns?

Marketing is vital to educating potential residents, growing excitement for your development, ultimately obtaining pre-leases or getting approvals, and helping customers understand what to expect from you.

MaxWave3D has seen many of our photorealistic renderings used on billboards, websites, social media, streaming service advertising, in brochures and press releases.

Our renderings have helped clients secure more pre-leasings compared to developments that didn’t use photorealistic renderings. 

One client, Steve Mitchell, vice president of marketing at The Ravelle in Nashville, Tennessee, partnered with us to increase his pre-leasings for his multi-family condominiums. 

“Our goal was to attack pre-leasing in a pretty aggressive way. We’ve found that this worked for our other properties… We know how important videos are on our Google analytics.”

Steve Mitchell, The Ravelle
Ravelle Unit A

Collaborating with MaxWave3D and using photorealistic renderings in his marketing campaigns have helped his target audience find his property, understand the value and capture pre-leasings.

“We had people finding our ads online, even when we lowered our ad spend. People were coming to our site more than our competitors, quite frankly,” Mitchell said. “It’s been extremely useful in the pre-leasing process.”

Bluestar Studios Mixed-Use 3D Visualization Company

In another example of marketing success, our client Blue Star Studios wanted to increase the publicity around their development with a marketing campaign. Photorealistic renderings helped create excitement. 

“We needed renderings just to show people what it looked like and we wanted to use them for press announcements. Frankly, we wanted to get people excited about it,” CEO of Blue Star Studios, Rich Goldberg said.

The renderings made a big splash on Blue Star Studio’s website and social media feeds. The studio’s PR team used them in their pitches to news agencies. 

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