Mixed-Use Renderings and Visualizations

Showcase your design for dynamic developments with 3D mixed-use renderings and visuals

Bring your property to life

Encourage buy-in from stakeholders

Set the scene with true-to-life backdrops

The Bailey Mixed Use - 3D Animation 3D Visualization Company

Take Your Development to the Next Level

Renderings from MaxWave3D make development projects come alive with high-quality, photorealistic 3D visualizations. By partnering with MaxWave3D, developers and architects can:

  • Fine-tune the design of the development.
  • Make mixed-use developments more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable.
  • Share ideas with refinement and clarity.


Marketing directors, real estate developers and architects face communication challenges every day. With sky-high stakeholder expectations to deliver, you need high quality assets and a visualization partner that can share your mission. Get inspired by browsing our featured industries and projects.