Case Study: VR in Real Estate Drive Sales for Senior Living Project

VR in real estate is gaining traction: This advanced technology is paying a lot of dividends to all parties participating in the process, including the real estate developer for the Braemar at Montebello, a senior living project in the state of New York.

According to recent reports, the global extended reality (XR) market that includes augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), reached $29 billion in 2022 and is expected to rise to over $100 billion by 2026. That’s a projected increase of nearly $70 billion dollars. With developers, architects, consumers and stakeholders benefiting so heavily from this immersive technology, it wasn’t a question of when the developer of the Braemar at Montebello would use VR to showcase their senior living project, but how.


The Challenge:

MaxWave3D was approached by the Braemar at Montebello to help them showcase their property in the best light and drive more buy-in. The developer was eager to showcase the property to potential buyers and stakeholders, but struggled with the best way to achieve those goals prior to project completion.

The Solution:

MaxWave3D was able to apply their expertise in visual design software to assist the developer in marketing their project prior to completion. MaxWave3D compiled a 360 virtual tour that allowed the developer to showcase the property to potential tenants in real-time.

The suite of visuals for the developer included a layout of their existing colored floor plans that were branded to coincide with other marketing tools for the Braemar at Montebello. MaxWave3D also enabled the client to be able to embed videos of the 360 tours in their social media posts, producing all of the contextual information a real estate developer would need to capture the attention of a prospective tenant.



The Braemar at Montebello approached MaxWave3D uncertain of the best way to boost sales and marketing for their senior living project. MaxWave3D not only produced 3D animations to help Braemar reach their sales and marketing goals, but also showcased 360 tours as another option to help increase pre-sales and pre-leasing for their development. The client absolutely loved the idea!

“We saw an opportunity to offer 360 tours to boost sales for the client, and we used existing data and animations we’d already designed to create 360 tours in the shortest time possible,” said Oleg Budeanu, senior production manager for MaxWave3D. “Because of that, the client was amazed with our work and very happy with the boost to their marketing efforts.”


Grab Viewers’ Attention With VR in Real Estate

If you are looking to increase sales for your senior living property or are looking for a way to offer viewers an immersive experience, contact us today. MaxWave3D’s award-winning studio creates stunning images for developments looking to have an advantage over their competition and succeed with presales, pre-leasing and ongoing marketing campaigns.

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