AC Hotel

The Project

The AC Hotel had designed a very complex, large-scale project with both mixed-use and multi-family real estate components. MaxWave3D produced renderings using photography and a model of the surrounding areas. This project resulted in successfully gaining pre-bookings, pre-leasings and a lot of buzz in the community. The space is a mirror image of the renderings we created. You can find the animations and renderings on their website today, two years after this collaboration was completed.


Greenville, SC  USA


  • AC Hotel is a large-scale project with mixed-use and multi-family space.
  • The developers needed help getting pre-leasings and pre-bookings for the complex.
  • MaxWave3D created renderings and a 3D animated video for the AC Hotel marketing team.
  • Campaigns gathered a lot of buzz from the community, securing pre-leasings and pre-bookings.