Marketing Senior Living Communities? 5 Ways Virtual Tours Can Help

Imagine searching for a new place to retire and enjoy your leisure time…It certainly would be easier to start the search online, rather than having to travel far and wide. It’s one reason virtual tours can be a powerful tool for marketing senior living facilities. Virtual tours can provide a dynamic and immersive experience for potential buyers and investors.

Our client, Braemar at Montebello, intends to build a waiting list for their planned community with help from 360 virtual tours. Jessica Cotellese, manager of development for FilBen Group, which owns the Braemar properties, is hoping to gain an edge over competitors in their area with the virtual tour piquing the interest of potential residents.

“This was our first experience using virtual tours,” Cotellese said, “and we really thought it would help give perspective to the residents and the families.

Jessica Cotellese, Braemar at Montebello

“People often don’t understand two-dimensional drawings or construction photos. We thought they’d enjoy seeing where they’d be living.” Being able to clearly envision how the dining room, activity room and other spaces will look will make prospective residents comfortable and eager to move in. “We are excited to see the results,” Cotellese said.

Using virtual tours can also help family members around the world see a care facility and feel comfortable sending their loved ones before they step foot in the building.

Marketing Timeline

Marketing senior living communities is a process that typically begins six months before the completion of the building. The Braemar at Montebello building will be constructed by July 2023.

According to, 50 percent of adult users on the internet rely on virtual tours in their research and decision-making processes, and 67 percent of people want more businesses to offer virtual tours.

When it’s complete, Braemar at Montebello’s marketing, sales and admission staff will regularly give physical tours to residents, family members and local representatives from hospitals. But by having a virtual tour available, these staff members can focus on other parts of their work more efficiently because they can send interested persons the virtual tour any time of day.

Senior living facilities are always looking for ways to stand out in marketing. “Obviously you look at competitors’ websites and honestly, there’s not many that I’ve seen that have virtual tours,” Cotellese said. “We’re hoping this can set us apart and stand out a little bit.”

The website for the senior living development is expected to launch in early March.  The highlight will be the 360 virtual tour created by MaxWave3D. The three-minute video showcases different spaces, amenities and resident rooms. “Everyone in our office is really happy with the video,” Cotellese said. “We’re excited to let everyone see it. I think it turned out really well.”

Marketing Senior Living With Virtual Tours

Here are five ways a virtual tour can help when marketing senior living:

  1. Enhanced visualization: Virtual tours allow potential buyers or renters to experience a development before it is completed or even before it is built. By providing a virtual tour, buyers can see the layout, finishes and features of the development, which can help them visualize their potential future home. This can be especially useful for developments that are still in the planning or construction phase.
  2. Convenience: Virtual tours can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, making it convenient for buyers to explore a development from the comfort of their own homes. For seniors who may have limited mobility, this is especially important.
  3. Improved engagement: Virtual tours can help engage potential buyers or renters by providing an interactive and engaging experience. They can take their time exploring the development, seeing it from different angles and getting a feel for the space.
  4. Increased reach: By providing a virtual tour, developments can expand their reach to potential buyers or renters who are not able to visit in person. This can help them attract a wider audience and generate more interest in the development.
  5. Competitive advantage: Virtual tours can help a development stand out from the competition by providing a unique and innovative marketing tool. With photorealistic tours, they can differentiate themselves and attract more potential buyers or renters.

Add Video to Your Marketing Mix

If your senior living facility, hotel, resort or commercial property needs marketing that can boost sales and attention from potential renters or residents, contact MaxWave3D today. Our expert team has 18 years of experience rendering images and creating 3D animations for a wide range of clients on time and budget.

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