Pre-leasing Your Senior Living Development With an Architecture Fly-Through

Senior living pre-leasing is certain to get your development off the ground. As technology advances, people expect more: investors, city councils, community members and potential customers of a proposed senior living development want more than simple renderings when making decisions. They want to see how the development will fit into the community landscape. They want the details and the big picture. To get people on board with your proposed development, architecture fly-through videos can make a big impact and can help secure public and private contracts, construction funding and property pre-sales.

Braemar Living in New York discovered the power of this type of visual asset as they prepared to promote two of their assisted living facilities in Orange County, NY, and on Long Island. “We’re development operators in the state of New York with two existing facilities. We thought it would be helpful for marketing and lease-up to make an architectural fly-through video,” says Jessica Cotellese, development manager at Braemar Living.

Senior Living Development Videos Boost Pre-leasing

The company reached out to MaxWave3D to create the video and was pleased with the result. “It came out great,” Cotellese says.

These videos make a stronger and more lasting impression and it’s rather more engaging for people than static images. The cost is worth the value due to it being a more vivid way to present your architectural ideas and grab potential customers’ attention.

“We are developing a new website to add our new assisted living facilities and are expecting to heavily market these buildings,” Cotellese says. “We’ll have the fly-through videos up and running on our website and social media aimed to get pre-leases and excitement from the public.

“People are visual. They like to know what to expect, and that’s why we asked MaxWave3D to help us,” she says.

Marketing teams can cut the longer 2- to 3-minute video into several short assets, giving you several Instagram Reels or Facebook Stories and YouTube Shorts or TikTok videos. This allows potential clients to be impressed and creates opportunities for exposure. While Braemar Living’s latest fly-through video has not been published yet, the marketing team is hoping it will generate excitement and lead to greater pre-sales.

Making a Visual Statement

Architecture fly-through videos enhance presentations. With computer graphic imagery (CGI), it is possible to demonstrate the infrastructure and natural scenery around future development. A fly-through video allows the audience to see buildings in their natural environment before construction begins. This unique ability can help address local municipalities and the general public’s concerns about the proposed development being a good fit for their neighborhood.

Setting the scene in 3D virtual reality also puts your senior living development in a positive light, encouraging buy-in from all stakeholders. The realistic nature of these videos allows creators to portray every detail of a property and choose visual effects, like atmospheric lighting, to emote excitement and impress potential investors and end-users.

Using renderings of individual rooms can help potential stakeholders understand the overall exterior appearance, materials, building plan and interior spaces, but an architecture fly-through video showcases how a soon-to-be-built senior living property will look and function within its surroundings.

Considering an Architecture Fly-Through For Your Project?

If you are interested in helping your customers understand how they may use your new development, contact MaxWave3D and begin your pre-leasing strategy.

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