Meet Our Senior Visual Production Manager, Oleg Budeanu

visual production manager

Working to bring clients’ visions to life is a dream come true for our senior visual production manager, Oleg Budeanu. He helps modify design options and drive resolution on open design elements and issues and ultimately plays a crucial role in helping bring our clients’ ideas to life. 

Get to know Oleg Budeanu with the questions and answers below.

Where were you born?

Oleg Bundeanu: I was born in a small European, Ex-USSR country, Moldova, located between Ukraine and Romania.

Where do you live now?

Oleg: Currently, I live in Valencia, Spain. I had been jumping all over the world because I was living in Argentina, Buenos Aires and then in the United Kingdom.

Why is your location a benefit forMaxWave3D’s clients? 

Oleg: As a western company employee based in Spain, working with colleagues in different time zones offers a big advantage. The overlapping work hours allow for increased productivity on projects, resulting in happy clients. The added effort means projects are completed faster and with greater efficiency, ultimately delivering a better outcome for the client.

How long have you worked for MaxWave3D? 

Oleg: My first email to our CEO Chris Powers with an offer about working together is dated by 2017, so we have known each other and worked together for over six years already!

Could you tell us a bit about your visual production job responsibilities?

Oleg: As a senior visual production manager, I am responsible for both managing projects and improving the production workflow. My focus is on ensuring a smooth and efficient environment that delivers outstanding results for clients by making adjustments aimed at improving client benefits and work quality.

Why did you decide to work in visual production?

Oleg: I think what attracts me to this domain is that you tend to work with many different projects and people. It’s not that stressful with the correct approach and good time and skills management. I think that this is the most underestimated part of the computer graphics industry and currently it is in its developing stage, and I believe we have a lot of interesting things to put on the table shortly.

What makes MaxWave3D stand out above its competitors?

Oleg: Friendly approach, flexibility, speed and quality. Our clients love working with us. we are highly flexible and adjust to the unique needs of each client, ensuring that their vision is brought to life in the best possible way. Our focus on delivering top-quality results, combined with our commitment to client satisfaction, helps us stand out in the architectural visualization industry. We put our client’s needs first and adjust our workflow and tools we are using to client needs, not vice-versa.

What do you like most about being in visual production at MaxWave3D?

Oleg: What I like most about MaxWave3D is that this company is always looking forward. It is open to new ideas, it is adjusting to the demanding market and always looking for new opportunities. MaxWave3D handles a wide variety of projects, including even the most unusual requests. Our approach to client service is always positive and solution-focused, never turning down a request but instead responding with “Sure, when do you need that?” This commitment to flexibility and customer satisfaction has helped us establish a strong reputation in the architectural visualization industry.

What Can Our Visual Production Team Do For You?

MaxWave3D creates high-quality presentation materials to support projects in the fields of architecture, interior design, urban design, landscape and master planning. We work in all industry sectors to produce stunning 3D visualizations to thrill you and your clients.

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