3 Examples of 3D Animated Videos For Mixed-Use Developments

3d animated videos are increasing in real estate popularity because it allows more users to experience virtual locations. The technology is an anchor for mixed-use property developers wanting interested parties to see the potential of a mixed-used development with 3D animated videos.

Property owners who utilize mixed-use 3d animated videos invite people to imagine what it will be like to live, work and play in their development. With 3D animated videos, stakeholders can see the new property in its finalized state, which can increase their interest and promote emotional connection to the proposed areas.

This type of building tour offers the user a semi-immersive, first-person interface with the simulation of a natural environment. It can be a powerful tool to introduce planned mixed-use developments to interested parties because the tours provide visual information that still photographs and architectural drawings do not.

When done well, a 3D animation gives a near-accurate representation of the space and dimensions of the property.

Saving Time and Effort 

The use of 3D animated videos in promoting coming mixed-use developments has multiple advantages. It increases convenience for potential clients and tenants while it boosts the credibility of the developer. 

If someone wishes to check out a large commercial development, it can be difficult and energy-consuming to schedule a physical tour. 3D animated videos of unbuilt properties are major time-savers because they lead to securing city approvals, anchor tenants, lease-ups and investors. The property can be effectively explored by stakeholders immediately, wherever they are located.

Another benefit is that, with the help of these simulations, a potential investor, tenant or client can easily see every detail of the property. The viewer can see what will come of the property and have an expectation of what the area will look like upon completion of the project. 3D animated video is easily accessible and can help marketing campaigns, giving viewers an idea of what is to come. 

These animated videos are often used by the creative teams as content for Youtube, TikTok, Instagram and Instagram Reels, and Facebook videos.

Accessibility is easy, too. Video owners can send the tours as web links or as QR codes that can be scanned to view on any compatible device.

Available 24/7: 3D Animated Videos

Because these videos exist online, they can be viewed repeatedly, at any time once the potential client or stakeholder has a link to the asset. Viewers can see the property independently and as often as they need to make a decision.

With mixed-use developments that are already completed, these videos remain beneficial because they decrease the need for leasing or selling agencies to offer in-person tours led by staff members.

If you want to increase your real estate business’s reach with 3D animated videos, schedule a meeting with the MaxWave3D team, email our team at info@maxwavemedia.com or call us at 770-605-8721.

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