Case Study: Tempo Hotel Renderings Meet Historical Regulations

The Tempo Hotel was in the middle of several rounds of approval with the Savannah Historic District Board of Review for permission to build the soon-to-be 154-room, large-scale Hilton Hotel project when they asked for hotel renderings from MaxWave3D. But what they didn’t expect to get out of it was a hospitality marketing opportunity. 

“We hired MaxWave3D to provide graphic content to the board of review,” said Andres Rubio, of Niles Bolton Architects’ hospitality division. He acted as the principal architect on this project. “We have had a long-standing relationship and have used them for quite some time.”

The historic district in Savannah has stringent regulations about how a new building can look. Rubio said he and his team decided to get 3D renderings of the exterior of the hotel to show the board what they could expect. Typically, he added, renderings come after the approval process and are used for hospitality marketing campaigns.

The Tempo Hotel hospitality

Challenge: Hotel Renderings that Meet Historic Regulations

With strict regulations and expectations, MaxWave3D needed to capture the beauty of the hotel and the surrounding area so the board could see what the future aesthetics of the historic area would be. 
“We are noticing this to be more common for city councils,” said Chris Powers, CEO of MaxWave3D. “Seemingly more than ever, people want to know more about the building than just its blueprint specifications. They want to know how it will look in the current environment and see how it will fit.”
Rubios added the quality of renderings he asked for typically come later in the project.

“Usually, this level of quality is done for marketing purposes, but here, we needed it done for the board review. This was a critical aspect for getting the approval,” Rubios said. “One of the board members acknowledged the quality of the renderings. It was a really good compliment for the team and MaxWave3D. I think we raised the bar in terms of quality and additional requests we would normally do for these kinds of renderings simply because the details were important.”

Solution: 3D Renderings for Hospitality Marketing

The Tempo Hotel has earned its approval and will be expected to be open by April 2025, Rubios said.
“This was a building with a lot of constraints. Not everyone is trained to take 2D renderings and create beautiful 3D renderings and make hospitality marketing quality renderings.” Rubios said. 

Rubios said because the renderings were enjoyed by everyone involved with the project,  they found a dual purpose for these external renderings: hospitality marketing. The renderings were published on their website and social media as part of a hospitality marketing campaign.

“We were able to use them as a marketing tool, meaning the brand, Hilton, has been using this in their immersion sessions to present this hotel to other brands. I’ve posted it to my personal LinkedIn and within about a week, it got a lot of comments and likes.”

The Tempo Hotel hospitality

Results: A Quick Turnaround for Approvals

MaxWave3D is not yet finished with this Hilton Hotel. As the project looks to get more approvals in place, they will reach out for more renderings, this time of the hotel’s interior.  Rubios added how happy he was with the primary rendering project. He added this was likely due to the history his company and MaxWave3D share. 

“I think this was a quick turnaround because this wasn’t our first time with them,” he said. “They know our preferences and we share a history.” 

As the construction of the Tempo Hotel continues, the project will depend on aspects that MaxWave3D can help with. Rubios said this particular client likes to use MaxWave3D to create renderings specifically for hospitality marketing such as creating 3D animations for social media, advertisements and on their website.

If you are looking for quality renderings for hospitality marketing or need gaining approval, we hope to hear from you. Since 2004, we have been focused on the principle that visualization is a powerful catalyst for positive change, our award-winning studio is recognized for producing some of the highest-quality renderings, animations and interactive technologies on the market.

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